Monday, 11 July 2011

Window Shopping.

There are quite a few brands that I love to shop at, some 'for real', while with others my relationship goes as far as wandering into the store, spotting an item/s, lifting it/them up while admirably appreciating its/their beauty, feeling sorry for myself, followed by replacing the hanger/s back on their rail, unfortunately!

I am always shopping in H&M, particularly because their prices are just impossible to say no to! Now that they have an online store I must admit I am constantly browsing - special note: they often have items in the sale online that aren't actually in the sale in store, or sometimes their sale items are even cheaper online than in store! 

I am always on the look out for discount codes too (I will share any that I find!).

I always admire many items in Zara, Topshop, Urban Outfitters, Allsaints, Aldo (mmm shoes!)....

I think they are where I spend most of my time doing the 'window shopping' that I described above! 

I find that the beauty of so many products from these places warrant the purchase of a whole outfit, rather than one product and so I do not trust myself to make frequent visits without strong willpower with the remembrance that I am on a strict 'window-shopping-only' basis.

I love adding lots of items to my wishlist/basket online. I waste so much time doing this! Topshop has so many beautiful unique items, as I am sure you will agree, that a major splurge is so difficult to avoid! I so often urge myself to 'buy now regret later', but luckily my sensible side does not allow my finger to make the final click!

I have been admiring Allsaints from afar for a long time now, yearning for the day that I make my purchase for the first time! Unfortunately their prices seem unreachable for me at the moment.

I sometimes consider whether I would rather have an absolutely full wardrobe,  bursting with affordable, 'nice' items, or a smaller wardrobe with a few beautiful pieces! Right now I'm feeling the latter, however my wardrobe does not reflect this! Maybe I should start to embrace this notion, rather than impulse buying as I do, purely because of a price tag?

Oops, I forgot to mention Accessorize...divine bags, jewellery, my treasure cave! Luckily the ones around me are rather small stores without too much temptation, but then there's always online access - what a dangerous thing for shopaholics!

I'll leave you with a few summery bags that I have been looking at for a while!....


  1. those bags are gorgeous!! especially the one in leather..


  2. Thankyou for your comment!

    I'm usually such a dark dresser, but when the sun comes out I just love all things bright and embellished, Accessorize is great for that!