Monday, 11 July 2011

I am the postwoman!


Have been hopping around various blogs this evening and can report that my attention has been drawn to a few online stores with just the kind of treasures my heart desires!  

Check out some really well written blogs, with very stylish authors (down the side of the page)!

Loving HippieGoneMad... oh I never really used to be a 'shoe person' but have recently proven to myself exactly what I have been missing out on through some window shopping episodes. Some of the beautiful creatures I have stumbled across this evening are just so enchanting, I just have to have some of these beasties! HippieGoneMad displays some oh-so-fetching shoeporn. Delicious!

What do you think of these beauties from one of my new found treasure sources?

These are a couple of items I love!

I especially love the evil eye ring... I have so many pieces with the evil eye already! I yearn for the chance to travel somewhere and uncover some authentic, beautiful, unique middle eastern treasures!


  1. Thankyou for your comment!

    Think I'm going to be needing some more jewellery boxes!