Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Cave Girl

I've been having a lazy couple of days and boy do I feel lazy for it!

The 'summer holidays' have just welcomed me with open arms, but so has my part time job, not that I have been serving them too well at the moment!... 

Unfortunately just over a week ago I had a little accident, that remains to give me bother!
I fell down the stairs, luckily in the comfort (and privacy!) of my own home - fortunately it was only about 5 stairs that I actually fell down, but I landed right on my coccyx which landed right on the ridge of the offending stair! Needless to say it is really rather sore, sigh! 

I blame my hair and my jeans! I had just finished dying my hair and was carrying the remains of the procedure down the stairs (boxes, gloves, you get the idea- all dye-stained of course), obviously I lost my concentration while descending the stairs, concentration naturally being the key to successful stair descending strategy! I slipped on my too-long-jeans and fell through the stairs - well, very nearly!

In an attempt to keep the environment into which I fell dye-free (if you have extremely house-proud parents you will definitely understand!) I neglected to let go of the boxes et al, thus my preoccupied hands were unable to break my fall!

Anyway I was supposed to be putting in a few hours of work today, as I did yesterday, but due to my back's decision to keep paining I have remained at home.

I feel like such a mess. Not only are various aspects of my life rather messy at the moment, but my general living and presentation seems to have followed suit! 

My bedroom has turned into one big pile of piles that just keep growing! I blame this on my back - boy does it hurt to bend over, so those piles will have to remain where they are and, hopefully, not grow?

My hair, or perhaps my attitude towards my hair, has definitely given into this messy outlook! I feel like a cave-girl right now, the relationship between my hair and my brush seems to be deteriorating and straighteners..what are they?!

Does your hair enjoy cave-girl days too?

The attire of a cave-girl during a 'lazy day'! (Sorry it's a bit late, have been undecided about whether to post pictures of myself on here!)...(Second apologies for the poor quality of the pictures!)

Top (outer layer): Warehouse
Top (under-layer): Topshop
Cardigan: New Look
Bag: Primark
Necklace: Vintage Topshop
Ring: Primark
Bracelets: H&M, Topshop & other vintage pieces.

Funnily enough I was going to throw this Warehouse top out a short while ago, but I'm glad I didn't as it makes for very comfortable lounge-wear teamed with leggings and I don't feel ashamed if I suddenly have to venture out in it!

Thought I'd also show off my new Primark purchase - couldn't believe it when I found this satchel in Primark! Think it was £9 or something ridiculous! 

Jingling around the house, with bracelets hanging all over the place does seem a unnecessary, but without wearing jewellery I just feel so bare!

So there we go, my first outfit post!


  1. Haha, I'm having a very similar time at the moment. Go, cave-girls!

    Hope you're feeling a bit less sore soon! x

  2. Thankyou for your post! Glad I'm not a lone-cave-girl!

  3. Couple of things - one is hope you feel better! Even with five stairs, that landing can be miserable! Sorry that you fell but glad there were no witnesses! Also, I have been lazy-ish as well, "working" with loose quotations around it! Hope that you recover quickly!

    Love your blog and the name. "wear am I" is what made me click it! Clever, clever!
    I would really appreciate it if you could stop by mine and leave some feedback! We are very new and need help getting our feet off the ground and would really appreciate a fabulous blogger like yourself visiting our site!

    Much love,
    The Internet Garbage

  4. OMG, hope you're feeling much better! I fell down all the time too because I'm too clumsy! xoxoxoo

  5. Your blog name is brilliant ! love it !
    Hope you feel better and fabulous soon !
    Great blog you have here ! I'm loving and following you !
    Come and check mine out and follow me too !


  6. this post amused me!
    hope your not in too much pain!!

  7. loving all your jewels here! sending some well wishes :)


  8. Thankyou for your comments!

  9. And what a great first outfit post it is! I love your handbag, I have a similar one. You're so good at accessorizing, I always wear too little jewelry. Good luck on more posts in the future... Check out some of mine?

    xoxo Madeline