Friday, 15 July 2011

The perfect day for a wedding

A friend of mine got married today and what a lovely day for a wedding it was!

She had a beautiful, princess-style gown. It got me thinking about the many different choices of wedding gowns that are on offer to us consumers!

I always dreamed of having a great big, white dress until recently when I decided that in fact I think I prefer the idea of a simple, grecian dress.

I have been drooling over some beautiful gowns online and thought I'd share them with you! Searching for wedding dresses made me appreciate just how lucky us ladies are to have such an abundance of choice!

I am about to post quite a number of gowns, but considered that you may enjoy looking at them just as much as I did!

I should mention that I do not actually anticipate getting married any time soon, I just like to explore and appreciate the different styles!

Looking at gowns such as these convince me that you cannot beat a ballgown style wedding dress... 

(Number 8557(
These gowns are from the Justin Alexander collection.


Lazaro Ball Gown Dress from the Spring 2012 collection.

From the San Patrick 2012 collection

I love the lace detail on this dress, as well as the veil style - kind of reminds me of Rapunzel, making it all the more fairytale!

Acanto Silky Tulle Ballgown (Rosa Clara 2012)

Jim Hjelm Bridal Gowns (Number: jh8101)

Number: jh8117

Vera Wang Strapless Tumbled Tull Caged Gown 
(Spring Collection 2012)

Now onto the simple, but elegant grecian styles...   

Rosa Clara Hector Silk Voile Gown 

Harmoni Silk Voile Draped Strapless Grecian Gown

Given that I love the grecian style so much I thought it made sense to add this bridal dress from 'Mamma Mia'!

I love the simplicity, with the layers and then the gorgeous head piece. Not that the breath-taking scenery, with the iconic Greek music and romantic story have any influence on my admiration!  

I've always been intrigued by Indian weddings and their attire, so thought I'd add some images of Indian brides too!

The brides look so magnificent. I just love the rich colours and the henna designs are so intricate!

I think that my love for extravagant attire, along with jewellery makes me appreciate Indian brides all the more - they really do wear some amazing jewellery!

Which wedding dress style do you prefer?

Are there any wedding dresses from any other countries/cultures that you find beautiful and worth sharing?

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Seek and you shall find.

I sometimes wonder whether the shops know of my compulsive, terrible shopaholic habits when they cunningly stalk me. Just recently in the space of a couple of days I received a H&M catalogue through the post, emails inviting me to view their items and even a TV advertisement! Then I remember I'm not so unfortunate - I'm one of many of their targets!

Naughtily searching for new interesting pieces to add to my wardrobe and jewellery boxes of course I have found some more basket-worthy items.

Trawling ebay I found an item that is very similar to the Disney Couture Magic Castle Necklace, obviously for a fraction of the price! Don't mind if I do!

(Picture number 1 is Disney Couture, Number 2 is ebay seller: Yimaneili)

Have been finding the same/similar items in various locations of late, with varying prices, thus I can conclude that inevitably it does pay to shop around!

Below are some other bits from the same seller, along with a couple of pairs of shoes that I'm lusting over from 'Shoesone' - very reasonably priced, and a Garbage-Pail-Kid t-shirt from 'TruffleShuffle', just because I think they are so cool.

How great is that light-bulb necklace?!

P.S. Urban Outfitters are currently offering 15% off online when you enter: UOSUN15 at the checkout! 

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Cave Girl

I've been having a lazy couple of days and boy do I feel lazy for it!

The 'summer holidays' have just welcomed me with open arms, but so has my part time job, not that I have been serving them too well at the moment!... 

Unfortunately just over a week ago I had a little accident, that remains to give me bother!
I fell down the stairs, luckily in the comfort (and privacy!) of my own home - fortunately it was only about 5 stairs that I actually fell down, but I landed right on my coccyx which landed right on the ridge of the offending stair! Needless to say it is really rather sore, sigh! 

I blame my hair and my jeans! I had just finished dying my hair and was carrying the remains of the procedure down the stairs (boxes, gloves, you get the idea- all dye-stained of course), obviously I lost my concentration while descending the stairs, concentration naturally being the key to successful stair descending strategy! I slipped on my too-long-jeans and fell through the stairs - well, very nearly!

In an attempt to keep the environment into which I fell dye-free (if you have extremely house-proud parents you will definitely understand!) I neglected to let go of the boxes et al, thus my preoccupied hands were unable to break my fall!

Anyway I was supposed to be putting in a few hours of work today, as I did yesterday, but due to my back's decision to keep paining I have remained at home.

I feel like such a mess. Not only are various aspects of my life rather messy at the moment, but my general living and presentation seems to have followed suit! 

My bedroom has turned into one big pile of piles that just keep growing! I blame this on my back - boy does it hurt to bend over, so those piles will have to remain where they are and, hopefully, not grow?

My hair, or perhaps my attitude towards my hair, has definitely given into this messy outlook! I feel like a cave-girl right now, the relationship between my hair and my brush seems to be deteriorating and straighteners..what are they?!

Does your hair enjoy cave-girl days too?

The attire of a cave-girl during a 'lazy day'! (Sorry it's a bit late, have been undecided about whether to post pictures of myself on here!)...(Second apologies for the poor quality of the pictures!)

Top (outer layer): Warehouse
Top (under-layer): Topshop
Cardigan: New Look
Bag: Primark
Necklace: Vintage Topshop
Ring: Primark
Bracelets: H&M, Topshop & other vintage pieces.

Funnily enough I was going to throw this Warehouse top out a short while ago, but I'm glad I didn't as it makes for very comfortable lounge-wear teamed with leggings and I don't feel ashamed if I suddenly have to venture out in it!

Thought I'd also show off my new Primark purchase - couldn't believe it when I found this satchel in Primark! Think it was £9 or something ridiculous! 

Jingling around the house, with bracelets hanging all over the place does seem a unnecessary, but without wearing jewellery I just feel so bare!

So there we go, my first outfit post!

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

What'ya think about that?

Hey guys!

Anybody who happens to stop by my new blog please let me know what you think!

I would really appreciate comments and feedback!

Is there anything that my blog is missing?

P.S. Don't miss the KurtGeiger sale at the moment...there appears to be further reductions! 

PLUS an extra 10% off sale! (Enter Sale10 at the checkout!) 

I want, I want!

What do you think about these pieces from Allsaints?

Absolutely loving tassles at the moment - paired with shorts and boots creates such a festival look!

These 'Embellished Zingtac Chalklowe' shorts are limited edition, thus all the more enticing. 

Straight into the basket they all go, awaiting the click of one button!.... 

Monday, 11 July 2011

I am the postwoman!


Have been hopping around various blogs this evening and can report that my attention has been drawn to a few online stores with just the kind of treasures my heart desires!  

Check out some really well written blogs, with very stylish authors (down the side of the page)!

Loving HippieGoneMad... oh I never really used to be a 'shoe person' but have recently proven to myself exactly what I have been missing out on through some window shopping episodes. Some of the beautiful creatures I have stumbled across this evening are just so enchanting, I just have to have some of these beasties! HippieGoneMad displays some oh-so-fetching shoeporn. Delicious!

What do you think of these beauties from one of my new found treasure sources?

These are a couple of items I love!

I especially love the evil eye ring... I have so many pieces with the evil eye already! I yearn for the chance to travel somewhere and uncover some authentic, beautiful, unique middle eastern treasures!

Share a code...

H&M are giving 25% off any item online!!

This seems to be an ongoing offer, it has been going for a while at least.

All you have to do is subscribe to their newsletter (if you haven't already)! Once you have signed up you will receive a code to enter at

Window Shopping.

There are quite a few brands that I love to shop at, some 'for real', while with others my relationship goes as far as wandering into the store, spotting an item/s, lifting it/them up while admirably appreciating its/their beauty, feeling sorry for myself, followed by replacing the hanger/s back on their rail, unfortunately!

I am always shopping in H&M, particularly because their prices are just impossible to say no to! Now that they have an online store I must admit I am constantly browsing - special note: they often have items in the sale online that aren't actually in the sale in store, or sometimes their sale items are even cheaper online than in store! 

I am always on the look out for discount codes too (I will share any that I find!).

I always admire many items in Zara, Topshop, Urban Outfitters, Allsaints, Aldo (mmm shoes!)....

I think they are where I spend most of my time doing the 'window shopping' that I described above! 

I find that the beauty of so many products from these places warrant the purchase of a whole outfit, rather than one product and so I do not trust myself to make frequent visits without strong willpower with the remembrance that I am on a strict 'window-shopping-only' basis.

I love adding lots of items to my wishlist/basket online. I waste so much time doing this! Topshop has so many beautiful unique items, as I am sure you will agree, that a major splurge is so difficult to avoid! I so often urge myself to 'buy now regret later', but luckily my sensible side does not allow my finger to make the final click!

I have been admiring Allsaints from afar for a long time now, yearning for the day that I make my purchase for the first time! Unfortunately their prices seem unreachable for me at the moment.

I sometimes consider whether I would rather have an absolutely full wardrobe,  bursting with affordable, 'nice' items, or a smaller wardrobe with a few beautiful pieces! Right now I'm feeling the latter, however my wardrobe does not reflect this! Maybe I should start to embrace this notion, rather than impulse buying as I do, purely because of a price tag?

Oops, I forgot to mention Accessorize...divine bags, jewellery, my treasure cave! Luckily the ones around me are rather small stores without too much temptation, but then there's always online access - what a dangerous thing for shopaholics!

I'll leave you with a few summery bags that I have been looking at for a while!....

And so it begins...

So after a while of clicking about, trying to work this blog business out I am up and running I think!

I decided to start this blog to share my thoughts and passions, as well as direction (or lack of!) with those perhaps who have similar interests, over-active brains and difficulty in choosing their paths!

I have read others' blogs, but tend to be more of a lurker rather than contributor, this tends to be the case in 'real life' outside of the blog world too. Nevertheless here I am sharing, somehow!  

A bit about me: I think far too much about everything, for some reason I have fallen into a very bad habit of analysing far too much. This control freak behaviour has totally bulldozed my once spontaneous spirit. But I will get this back!

I love indulging in and being creating through fashion. Not necessarily through 'catwalk' following, but expressing myself through my own take on styles. I love to find a bargain, I find my purchases all the more thrilling when I have found an amazing deal!

I have an insatiable passion for jewellery, accessories and anything that sparkles. When I walk into a shop full of jewellery I often feel like I am walking into an Aladdin Cave of treasures, I just love it! I am forever adding to my jewellery collection and cannot bear the thought of throwing any of it away! The more unique, the better!

I have a dream that one day I will travel, I'm not sure how, where or when, but it has always been there. One day I hope to fulfill this dream.

Join me to see Wear I Am if you like?!