Monday, 19 September 2011

Flexible gone wrong!

I was supposed to work today, but naughtily took the day off last minute! My nan, mummy, younger sister and I invaded my older sister's new house for tea and biscuits this morning, then my sisters and I persuaded the 'oldies' out for lunch!

I am fortunate in that my job is so flexible that I can just let them know last minute that I will not be in if something does (or even doesn't!) come up! Although this is very handy while being a student, it is all too easy to decide to award myself a day off almost everyday, thus the bank balance takes a bashing!

I am really loving the shawls in River Island at the moment. A short while ago I found one that I really knew I should get, but didn't. It's not there anymore, the moral of the story: don't let things get away, get them when you see them!

I'm feeling that must-haves for my A/W 2011 wardrobe are Chelsea Boots, and A shawl (or two!)!

Here are a couple of the shawls I really like from River Island's website:

Can't show you my favourite one as it's no longer there!

Really wanting a nice vintage onee with some personality and history behind it, but unsure of how to get my hands on shops, ebay? What do people think?

Although I must admit the cold, dark and dampness of this time of year really bothers me (so much so that I am sure I have SAD) there is something so lovely about snuggling down with a nice hot chocolate and blanket, hiding away indoors! I am not afraid to say that I have been snuggling down with my throw and slippers these last couple of evenings!

Now that the cold, crisp Autumn is sneaking up on us I am thinking about a nice new coat, an investment piece! Any ideas on what I should go for?!


  1. the loepard one is just gorgeous!! i only wish we had cold weather here!

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  2. Those are great shawls, you can never have too many of those! For a coat what about something a fur( faux or real) collar ?

  3. Thanks for your comments! Hmm I must admit I am loving faux fur at the moment so will probably go for something furry!