Thursday, 14 July 2011

Seek and you shall find.

I sometimes wonder whether the shops know of my compulsive, terrible shopaholic habits when they cunningly stalk me. Just recently in the space of a couple of days I received a H&M catalogue through the post, emails inviting me to view their items and even a TV advertisement! Then I remember I'm not so unfortunate - I'm one of many of their targets!

Naughtily searching for new interesting pieces to add to my wardrobe and jewellery boxes of course I have found some more basket-worthy items.

Trawling ebay I found an item that is very similar to the Disney Couture Magic Castle Necklace, obviously for a fraction of the price! Don't mind if I do!

(Picture number 1 is Disney Couture, Number 2 is ebay seller: Yimaneili)

Have been finding the same/similar items in various locations of late, with varying prices, thus I can conclude that inevitably it does pay to shop around!

Below are some other bits from the same seller, along with a couple of pairs of shoes that I'm lusting over from 'Shoesone' - very reasonably priced, and a Garbage-Pail-Kid t-shirt from 'TruffleShuffle', just because I think they are so cool.

How great is that light-bulb necklace?!

P.S. Urban Outfitters are currently offering 15% off online when you enter: UOSUN15 at the checkout! 


  1. the light-bulb necklace is great indeed! I wouldnt mind having one.... thanks you for the code! I'm gonna check UO right now!

  2. Nice blog. :)

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  3. I really love the necklaces! They're so beautiful and quirky! xoxoxxoo

  4. I do the same...sometimes I have to stop being compulsive lol love the post, keep em coming! <3

    Followed you, please follow me too? :)


  5. The necklaces look so similar! Great find :) it does pay to shop around. I've started shoppig vintage and online and find that I save money and am able to track down things that aren't available where I live!

  6. I love those boots at the bottom, they're very similar to Sam Edelman's Zoe boots, I've been wanting a pair for ages, so looked on the website but says you have to order a minimum of 5 :( If you spot any elsewhere let me know :)

  7. Oh, so they are! They are pricey enough without ordering 5 haha! I'll keep my eyes peeled!